Sheikh Abdullah Tamimi speaks at a seminar on relations between Jews and Arabs in the Gush Etzion area 2 August 2016 Photo Gatestone Institute CAPTIONEDUnknown to most the world, there are thousands of Palestinians who are disgusted with their governments' anti-Israel rhetoric and glorification of terrorists who murder Israelis. It is not easy to speak out. But some do, including Sheikh Abdullah Tamimi from Hebron.

Southern end of Temple Mount on Snowy day Photo Brian Schrauger CAPTIONSUNESCO denies any connection between the Temple Mount and Judaism, but the massive, and growing, archaeological record begs to differ. Here, with photos, are just a few of its proofs.

ISIS Magazine cover Break the Cross Photo screenshot of online copy of Dabiq CAPTIONIslamic State, or ISIS, like Iran, is driven by a visceral conviction that end times are imminent. According to Islamic prophecies, those times include the return of Jesus who will "break the cross" and herald the Muslim Mahdi as the world's true messiah.

Baraka of Hamas and Majedi of Iran meet in Beirut on 1 Sept 2016 Photo screenshot from Maan News Agency websiteLast Friday, just before Shabbat, there was a meeting in Beirut. Sitting down about 150 miles from Jerusalem, a representative for Hamas sipped Turkish coffee and ate figs with Iran's ambassador to Lebanon. What has reunited Hamas with Tehran?

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh (Photo: Source: Wikimedia at penalty for renouncing Islam is death. This creates fear about telling the true story. Regardless, this is that story.

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