Murdered 13 year old Hallel Yaffa Ariel pictured with the bedroom where she was murdered (Source: Screenshot of Ofir Gendelman tweet on 30 June 2015)A Palestinian man broke into an Israeli home in the West Bank and stabbed a 13-year-old girl to death in her bed as she slept early Thursday morning.

The author, Shalev Paller, with Rajaswa, a cobbler, in Leh, India (Photo: Shalev Paller)I wake up to the sound of laughing children, stare out the window at the blanket of clouds covering the valley below, and think of nothing. Finally, nothing.

Abbas for Feldstein article

Last week, Palestinian Authority President Abbas showed up at the European Parliament with an invisible olive branch in one hand and a big bag of lies in the other. On the continent in which Pinocchio’s lies are famous, he was in good company. His speech at the European Union Parliament had its leaders drinking up his lies as if they were a herd of thirsty cats lapping milk. But rather than milk, he was serving venom. The Europeans swallowed it all, and gave him an enthusiastic standing ovation no less.

A Palestinian Muslim who commits the "crime" of selling property to Jews should not expect to be buried in an Islamic cemetery. Marriage to local Palestinians will no longer be an option for this criminal's family members, and any weddings the family makes will have no guests attending.

Both the living and the dead, then, will pay the price for such "treason."

This is only a sampling of the punitive measures that will now be faced by Palestinian residents of Jerusalem who are involved in real estate transactions with Jews.

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