PA PM Maliki and Jack Sara president of Bethlehem Bible College | Photos: Brian SchraugerSince 2010, the "Christ at the Checkpoint" conference has only been in Bethlehem. Last week organizers announced they are going global. What must Christians who stand with Israel know and do to counter "Christ at the Checkpoint" and its declaration of war against them?


Jack Sara President of Bethlehem Bible College in Bethlehem | Photo: Bethbc.eduJack Sara, the president of Bethlehem Bible College and a prominent organizer of the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference, has revealed himself for what he is—a Christian who is committed to sharing the gospel with Jews while at the same time ignoring the actions and rhetoric of his fellow Arabs who seek to murder and oppress them. Sara can’t even bring himself to offer to his fellow Palestinians the ambivalent message of St. Augustine to early Christians about the Jews: “Do Not Slay Them!”


Bedouin and Druze dignitaries attend an event thrown by the Forum for Christian Enlistment in the Israel Defense Forces. Photo: Aviram Valdman / The Tower“Anyone who claims that the Arab world — Muslim and Christian — is not pathologically antisemitic is delusional. This is the elephant in the room in the Arab Christian subculture; the secret sin no one wants to bring to the light,”

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