Eurocorps helicopter Photo YouTube screenshot EurocorpsHQ channel 02Next March in Rome the European Union will celebrate its 60th anniversary. In preparation, and in the aftermath of Brexit, leaders are seriously consideration formation of a long held dream: a European Army.

Israel Oil Rig and landing pad related to Leviathin Field Photo YouTube screenshot Yitzak Tshuva channel 02From London to Singapore, Israel is recruiting investors for gas and oil development of massive reserves in beneath its waters in the Mediterranean. As world powers hear the pitch, like in the video below, everyone is keen.

Snapshots of Himmler while supervising Nazi genocide Photo YouTube screenshot RTVNederland channelThe spirit of Himmler revealed in his diaries is a lesson and a warning to the world today. It is imperative that individuals and institutions shake off the shock of evil's charm and beauty. Otherwise, and soon, they risk becoming its victims. Or its perpetrators.

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In a world where Israel lives under incessant threats of annihilation by Islamist states and terror groups armed to the teeth, do they represent Israel's greatest existential threat? 

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