Palestinian so called freedom fighter glorified on social media Photo Twitter at Rwpear accountPA President Abbas recently said that recent terror attacks in Israel spring from Palestinian despair. A spokesman for his partner party, Hamas in Gaza, scoffed. He tweeted, "Our young people of their own accord, not because of despair."

September stabbing spree Photos from TOI MOI IDF spokespersonAfter no less than eight terror attacks in just four days, two questions dominate. Is this a new, or renewed, wave of "lone wolf" assaults that began one year ago? And why now?

Yuval Steinitz Photo Israel GPO Moshe Milner Mod 01aPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement that the Palestinian Authority is demanding "ethnic cleansing" and a state free of Jews continues to make waves. Was he wrong?

2nd Temple priestly scale stone with Oren Gutfeld Photos IAA and YNet"I went pale and ...felt a small tremble to see the name of the high priest."

Netanyahu Photo YouTube screenshot IsraelPM channel WITH QUOTEOver the weekend, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau uploaded a video to Facebook. His assertion of Palestinian intent for a Jew-free state was explicit. Perhaps it was his conclusion that provoked the US State Department to respond. "Ethnic cleansing for peace is absurd," Netanyahu said. 

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