Abbas and Dahlan (Photo: from Gatestone Institute combining images from Image sources: U.S. State Dept., M. Dahlan Office)With money, pay-offs, bribes, threats and international intrigue, today's Palestinian Authority is a living soap opera. Its drama does not bode well for peace.

Terrorist suspect in downtown Jerusalem searched for explosives (Photo: YouTube screenshot)Yesterday morning in downtown Jerusalem, a bustling crowd waited to board the light rail. One of them had a bag with a three-pipe bomb connected to a cell phone.

Mally Pnina Tapiro of Sderot (Photo: Seth J. Frantzman)The last war with Hamas in 2014 saw 3,700 rockets fall throughout Israel. Many were shot down by the Iron Dome Defensive system. Is another war pending?

Abbas at Mahmoud Darwish Square in Paris in 2010The Palestinian Authority’s objections to the latest report issued by the Quartet—the foursome comprising the UN, EU, United States and Russia that tries to mediate peace talks—should serve as a wake-up call for the international community about the petulance of Palestinian diplomacy and the strong undercurrent of rejectionism that grounds it.

Ardie Geldman near his home in Efrat

Every year, there is a myriad of overseas visitors to Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) who, at any given point in the year, take part in some organized program of subtle anti-Israel political indoctrination.

My own observations and calculations lead me to believe the total number of these tourists reaches into the tens of thousands and is likely to be growing.

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