Thursday, 26 February 2015 | As Benjamin Netanyahu's appearance before a joint session of the US Congress draws near, President Barack Obama is scuttling almost all pretense of diplomacy. Instead he has launched a rhetorical attack against Netanyahu. And he does so in lockstep with third-party campaigns against the Prime Minister's pending speech.

UN Ambassador Ron Prosor Wednesday, 25 February 2015 | Earlier this week the 87th Academy Awards handed out Oscars to the world’s best storytellers in the global film industry. At the United Nations Security Council [UNSC] one day later, Israel’s Ambassador, Ron Prosor, announced UN [United Nations] candidates to win Oscars for fictional performances in the category of “Maintenance of International Peace and Security.”

Prosor was speaking at a special session of the UNSC. The session’s focus was reflection on and recommitment to the United Nations Charter.

  Throughout the 1930s, Hitler groomed his culture and his continent for unspeakable savagery. He did this by glorifying his country’s collective ego and asserting the racial superiority of ‘Aryans’ who were on the cusp of a millennium of global rule. He also did it by demonizing Jews as the primary obstacle to a golden age of Aryan oligarchy.

Today Iran is doing the same thing. Asserting the imminent appearance of a Muslim messiah, the Islamic Republic is “clearing the way,” doing whatever it takes to remove all opposition to the Mahdi (Muslim messiah) and his coming rule. The greatest of all obstacles for Iran? Israel. Preparing its people for “annihilation” of the Jewish state, the Islamic Republic has resurrected anti-Semitic blood libels against the Jews.

Memorial tree at site of Hebrew University massacre. The 2002 cafeteria attack killed 9 people, including 5 American students,
and injured about 100.
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 | Yesterday a jury in New York found the Palestinian Authority (PA) guilty of terrorism, specifically in six acts of terrorism against Israelis that killed American citizens. US families of those victims were awarded $218.5 million in damages. The New York Times reports that this amount “is automatically tripled to $655.5 million under the special terrorism law under which the case was brought.”

According to The Tower Magazine, the case was prosecuted “on behalf of ten families whose members had been physically and psychologically injured by the terror attacks, as well as the estates of four victims who were killed.” The Associated Press adds that the plaintiffs proved their case using the PA's own internal documents.

  Budapest, Hungary – captured Jewish women in Wesselényi Street Friday, 11 September 2015 | Organizations and movements that oppose Israel invariably claim they are not anti-Semitic. Two days ago in England, however, protesters that represent these movements disproved the claim.

Anti-Israel protesters made their way to London Wednesday to express opposition to the Jewish state. Their call to action was prompted by the visit of Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu to the United Kingdom.

Recorded for posterity by ubiquitous smart phones, comments made by articulate agitators made their way onto Internet cyber-waves and into its archives.

  Vladimir Putin Wednesday, 30 September 2015 | Having joined forces with Iran to rescue the government of Syria's despot President Assad, Russia is pushing Israel. And Israel is pushing back.

Two days ago, right after a 90 minute meeting with US President Obama, Russia's President Vladimir Putin held a press conference with Russian reporters. Toward the end of the conference, a reporter asked him about the structural nature of Israel's coordination with Russia when the Jewish state carries out air strikes against targets in Syria. Putin's answer rattled Jerusalem.

 Friday, 13 February, 2015 | Although incitement to anti-Semitism is illegal in Europe, there is a trend to legitimize it as a permissible form of protest against the Jewish state of Israel. Notably, it is a trend that is manifesting itself outside Europe's Muslim communities. The same cultures and people that engineered the Holocaust are cultivating rhetoric to do it again.

The past weeks saw two such incidents.

  Friday, 6 February 2015 | Swirling in the center of Israel's raison d'être—its reason for existence—is its role as trustee of God's Word. Collectively called Torah, it is regarded as nothing less than the Creator's own instructions for life: a full and vibrant life of reconciliation, fellowship and peace both with God and human neighbors.

Accordingly, dedication of meticulously transcribed Torah scrolls is a high and somber honor.

  Iranian-American journalist Sohrab Ahmari Wednesday, 26 August 2015 | Three weeks ago today, US President Obama stood at the podium of American University and said that "every nation in the world that has commented publicly about [the deal with Iran regarding its weapons-grade nuclear program] ...has expressed support." Every nation, that is, "with the exception of the Israeli government."

The assertion is problematic. Arguably, along with Israel, the President's own country opposes the deal. At this point it is a virtual certainty that Obama will have to veto Congressional rejection of the agreement. The assertion is also problematic in that it denies the emphatic, if de facto, opposition by many Middle East countries, especially Saudi Arabia.

PM Netanyahu visiting injured Major Netanel Shamka, one of several IDF soldiers wounded in a Hezbollah cross-border attack last Wednesday on the Israel side of the northern border with Lebanon. In the incident two IDF soldiers were killed. Monday, 2 February 2015 | Last Friday, Israel's Prime Minister visited soldiers wounded by Hezbollah's rocket attacks two days before. "We are under a prolonged attack organized by Iran," he said. "Iran is trying to uproot us; they will not succeed."

If Israel is under attack by Iran, is it already at war with Iran? If so, it is battling a wily Goliath that is almost armed with nuclear weapons.

In recent years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has become the new Persian Empire of the Middle East. With de facto control over Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, its governance from east to west stretches 1,800 miles [2,897 km.].

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