Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe and PM Netanyahu Tuesday, 20 January 2015 | As hostility toward Israel grows in the West, Israel is increasingly building economic ties with the East. This week the Land of the Rising Sun has come to town, ready to do business with the Jewish state.

The world's largest regional economy is the European Union, currently Israel's biggest trading partner. The US is a close second. But in the East, China is a very close third. And next in line is Japan with a hearty $5 trillion Gross Domestic Product.

  Russian anti-submarine ship (illustrative) Friday, 25 September 2015 | Only days after Netanyahu's visit to Moscow, Russia's Defense Ministry has announced its plans to engage in a "combat training exercise ...in the eastern part of the Mediterranean." Russia has recently beefed up its military presence at its Syrian Mediterranean port in Tartous.

Yesterday's Defense Ministry press release emphasized that the exercise was "adopted at the end of 2014." The unsaid message: its proximity to today's operations in Syria is accidental.

 Knesset Building Wednesday, 3 December 2014 | For people outside Israel, the country's method of government can be confusing. How does democracy work Israeli style? Israel's government is a parliamentary democracy. Among other things, this means that Israel's Parliament, the Knesset, can be dissolved before completing its members' four-year term. This happens when Israel's Executive Branch, led by the Prime Minister, cannot maintain essential unity in its Cabinet.

  Russian President Vladimir Putin Wednesday, 16 September 2015 | As Russia establishes a foothold in the Middle East only miles from Jerusalem, the question at hand is: Why? Perhaps the most compelling answer is that Moscow would like to see the entire region become like Israel; or, more accurately, as it perceives Israel.

Victim Georges Wolinski, 80, Jewish cartoonist Thursday, 8 January 2015 | Yesterday morning, in the hour before lunch, two hooded men dressed in black launched a murderous attack against the Paris offices of publisher, Charlie Hebdo. Armed with Kalashnikov rifles, they entered offices on the second floor. Shouting, "Allahu Akbar," they opened fire, methodically and ruthlessly murdering twelve.

One of the twelve victims has been identified as Jewish cartoonist, Georges Wolinski.

  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Tuesday, 1 September 2015 | As the world's foremost sponsor of global terrorism, Iran's active involvement in related organizations is renown. Groups like Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria, the Houthis in Yemen and lesser known groups in Iraq are known proxies of Tehran. Inside Israel, the Islamic Republic is a primary underwriter of Hamas in Gaza. It has also offered to arm Palestinians throughout Judea and Samaria.

The Givati Brigade on the Northern border of Israel
Photo by Ashernet
Thursday, 28 May 2015 | Yesterday Israeli President Reuven Rivlin made a visit to Israel's northern border. At a key armed forces base no more than a stone's throw from Lebanon, he was briefed by Israel's military leaders. Deputy Chief of Staff Major General Yair Golan, Northern Command Head Major General Aviv Kochavi, and Brigade Commander General Moni Katz, advised him about the situation there.

In spite of recent rumblings from Gaza, including rockets fired into Israel on Tuesday night, Israel expects its next war will be a defensive operation against an attack from Hezbollah, the so-called "Party of Allah," a known proxy for Iran. Iran has armed Hezbollah with as many as 130,000 missiles aimed at targets throughout the Jewish state.

Ban Ki-Moon
Photo by Ashernet
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon expressed "shock and alarm" after visiting a Hamas terror tunnel in Gaza in late October. Days later Hamas military commander, "Abu Khalid," publicly announced aggressive reconstruction of tunnels destroyed by Israel during "Operation Protective Edge."

Hamas invited Gaza newspaper Al-Resalah reporter Mahmoud Fouda on an exclusive tour of tunnel reconstruction.

 “Busy as bees, everyone is digging,” he wrote. Workers’ “arms grow strong and tough. Every inch brings them closer to victory. They are digging tunnels needed to defend their people and their families. Freedom fighters of the Qassam Brigades are burrowing 24/7 beneath the earth.”

1st Supreme Leader of Iran, Ruhollah Khomeini, called for Israel's destruction

Tuesday, 18 August 2015 | Famous for his frown, beard and softly spoken dictates in the name of Allah, the original Ayatollah Khomeini—Ruhollah Khomeini—established the Islamic Republic of Iran in that country's 1979 Revolution. One the tenets of his vision for an Islamic caliphate was Israel's destruction. The "regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time," he said.

 Although he died sixteen years ago, Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall argues that Ruhollah Khomeini's vow to destroy Israel is like a fertile seed that has grown into a dark and hardy doctrine in Iran. Today that doctrine flourishes, bearing fruits of genocidal intent against the West, beginning with the Jewish state.

Iranian-made Fateh-110 missile Friday, 16 January 2016 | Hezbollah is not happy. In recent months, Israel allegedly has executed several sorties into Syria, bombing supply depots. Stockpiled by Iran, these depots are known armament supplies for the Lebanon-based terror organization, Hezbollah. Apparently, Israel has used human intelligence to execute its preemptive strikes and prevent retaliatory operations. But not with impunity, it seems. One of its spies has been captured.

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